Mexico: Solidarity with the struggle of the teachers and popular uprisings

México  Solidaridad con la lucha de los maestros y la insurrección popular

Mexican Anarchist Federation

On the 19th of June, the Mexican Federal police fired with real bullets against demonstrators that were blocking the road close to the village of Nochixtlán in the State of Oaxaca. This violent state repression has left many injured and a dozen deadly fatalities.

This rally was organized by the National Coordinator of Workers of Education (CNTE), along with several students and parents, many of them belonging to indigenous communities. For several months, especially in the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guerrero and Michoacán, the movement against the “Education Reform” intended to be imposed by the Government has suffered harsh attacks through violent means like tear gas and rubber bullets: teachers are also constantly threatened, fired or imprisoned. Thus, roadblocks were undertaken during the beginning of June after the arrest of several leaders of the CNTE from the area of Oaxaca.

A huge media war  has been waged against these ‘rebels’ by labelling them as “terrorists”, “opposed to progress”. Such “progress” from the “Education and Quality” consists in transforming education into a commodity by delivering it to the private sector so that it benefits the most privileged economic sectors of the population. As the banner exposes “The education reform not only affects teachers but also society as a whole”. Many families, especially indigenous communities, support teachers and have attended these manifestations.

Already in June 2006, teachers had taken control of the center of Oaxaca, before being brutally evicted. The population –fathers, students, indigenous villages- joined them and organized the resistance and autonomy of the city: it was only in November when the “Commune of Oaxaca” was defeated by military and police repression through extreme violence.

Our comrades of the Mexican Anarchist Federation are fully involved in this fight and have been informing us on the situation. In response to the National Indigenous Notice (CNI) and the zapatistas of EZLN directed on the 20th of June “to the village of Mexico and the entire world”, the Anarchist Federation declared its complete solidarity with the teachers in their struggle and popular uprisings. It demands the immediate end to this repression and the release of all its prisoners.

What is being established by the Mexican State is an authentic “state of siege”, not a common “state of emergency” that allows other countries like France to restrict more liberties in order to try and impose a “Labour law”. In a period where some preach resignation and submission and others advocate for a nationalistic direction through the illusion of elections, the Anarchist Federation reaffirms itself more than ever as an internationalist practice founded on concrete solidarity with those who don’t succumb against the State for the service of capitalism.

This is how it is remembered by the CNI and EZLN: “A storm, along with chaos, also fertilizes the earth where a new world is always born”.

[Translated from]

Translated by Pietro Casati


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