Remembering our young comrade Javier Recabarren

Santiago: The context of the march for “the closure of the metropolitan zoo”

Brief ideas surrounding the “International day of fight to close all zoos, 24th, 25th and 26th July .

The conflict against the culture of domination imposed by the State/Capital means that we have to bring our values and ideological reflections into the fight to strive for liberation.

Our detachment with values like empathy and solidarity are signs of a sick society, whose only aspiration is consumerism. This irrational lifestyle treats each human or animal as exchange goods for the process of production of the world trade.

Power has altered us into a society that views torture and assassinations as a natural aspect of life. This explains why other oppressive institutions like jails are also presented as normal elements, either as a form of punishment or as a way to correct the faults of the productive system. For animals this reality is presented through zoos: Their “social function” is to provide education and entertain humanity. Meanwhile, behind bars the suffering of thousands of animals is regularly maintained by distancing them from their natural conditions and instincts. These animals only gain stress, sickness and death.

This tragic reality remains in front of us, along with the isolation of thousands of animals that wait for their turn to die and continue to give their services to humans through food, clothing or decorations.

And here we are: we are the ones who have to act. Liberation is a path of constant confrontation to stop being apathetic bystanders and take action by abandoning our harmless “lifestyles” that don’t seek any resolution or conflict, whilst millions of lives suffer and end behind the bars of experimentation centres, breeding farms and zoos.


We remember the young anarchist fighter Javier Recabarren, who died on the 18th of March this year after being run over by a bus from the company Transantiago.


On the 18th of March our comrade Javier Recabarren died after being run over by a bus outside of his school. However, this 11 year old boy was no ordinary kid. Whoever crossed his path noticed his unshakeable desire for freedom.

He was a member of the “Animal collective: Raise your voice” and participated in extensive manifestations for animal liberation initiatives. He also regularly performed anarchist activities that involved practising revolutionary solidarity with our comrades in prison. Naturally, he was also involved in the Street Fights, fearlessly facing the police and burning flags of the United States. These actions led him to be detained by the bastards on several occasions.

The war that Javier started is a clear sign to keep fighting against all forms of power and authority, along with continuing the fight for animal liberation and practising revolutionary solidarity in order to ensure that Javier’s vision prevails and transcends… This young fighter inspires us to maintain our chosen path towards total liberation.

¡¡Today we will give you a minute of silence… and a lifetime of fighting!!

CLR / 25 July, Santiago 2015.

Santiago: En el contexto de la marcha por el “cierre del zoológico metropolitano”

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Translated by Pietro Casati (


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