Turkey and Total Repression: Immunity and Prison

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Whilst the Turkish colonist and fascist oligarchy pursues its destructive policy in Kurdistan, the Turkish state and president Erdogan are steering towards an increasingly authoritarian regime. The new war against the Kurds started in July 2015, after the suspension of the peace process and also following the imposed isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. After this event suicide bombings against civilians began to occur, which UIKI (Italian Logistic organization of Kurdistan) accused of “being an operation formed by AKP (Justice and Development Party) and ISIS working together”. Thus, 5 people were killed in Diyarbakir, 33 in Suruc and hundreds in Ankara. In these same attacks another 900 people were injured.

In the second phase of this operation the military and Turkish police got involved in the action. For months, in many cities of Kurdistan an authoritative military curfew was imposed. Cizre, Silopi and Sur were completely destroyed, in fact in Cizre 120 civilians were burnt alive in a canteen. This massacre was documented by organizations like ONU, HRW and Amnesty International. Nusaybin, Yuksekova and Sirnak are still enduring similar atrocities and most Kurdish cities are systematically under attack on a daily basis. Similarly, another 800 civilians, mainly women and children, were executed by the Turkish military.

Anybody who has voiced their opposition towards Erdogan’s orchestrated war has been heavily threatened, including 1028 academics who signed the appeal “We will not take part in these crimes”. Many of these scholars have already been fired from their jobs, whilst the media has been widely silenced through the threat of legal action. In fact many journalists are currently in prison and whoever has the courage to oppose Erdogan’s omnipotence has been labelled as a “terrorist”.

Presumably, the goal of Erdogan’s announced “reform of the state” is that of emptying the parliamentary system. An important step towards the direction of this objective has already been accomplished through the withdrawal of parliamentary immunity of the deputies of the opposing HDP party (Democratic Party of the People) by accusing them of helping the PKK (Kurdistan Working Party) by supporting a peace process.

Complicit with the AKP (Justice and Development Party), the government’s party and Prime Minister Davutoğlu have been working with the MHP (Fascist Nationalist Movement Party) and the CHP (Republican People’s Party). This once again confirms that the only factor motivating the parties that represent the nationalism of the State (AKP, MHP and CHP) is their mutual hostility against the Kurdish people.

The UE, USA and NATO have limited themselves to meaningless declarations, such as “democracy is in danger” or even “the quality of democracy is declining”, thus minimizing the severity of what is currently occurring and also decreasing their responsibility in regards to the fact that these dictatorial atrocities have been committed by their own strategic ally. Meanwhile whilst the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, risked stating that these events represented “a huge blow to Turkish democracy and political freedom” the chancellor Angela Merkel, who approved the agreement for Turkey to ban refugees, declared that “she will solve this issue in the future”. Her behaviour is probably influenced and appreciated by Erdogan, who consequently won’t have to worry about any foreign interferences. However from the perspective of the Kurds: “Democracy in Turkey is over”

If indeed, on a purely academic hypothetical basis Western powers wanted to save democracy and impose stability in the region, instead of collaborating with a State that supports ISIS and starts wars against the Kurdish population they should apply economic, military and political sanctions in Ankara. In regards to the objection that Erdogan was democratically elected, it is sufficient to remember Hitler’s similar “democratic” ascent to power.

It is a well-known fact that when a regime wants to get rid of the opposition from Parliament, it must do nothing other than take away their immunity in order to incarcerate their members. These are what appear to be Erdogan’s intentions. In the meantime he is eliminating the opposition by implanting militants in the streets, prisons and mountains.
Written by Gianni Sartori for Italian anarchist newspaper Umanità Nova

Translated into English by Pietro Casati


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