Anarchist Federation:

We publish the motion of the French Anarchist Federation, which is committed along with the rest of French anti-capitalist movements in the current strikes against the “Loi de Travail”. In our next newspaper issues we will publish new in-depth articles from this topic.

All of us: young people, students, wage-earners of the private and public sector, people in precarious financial situations, workers and unemployed people, pensioners, legal and illegal immigrants of any nationality, all of those who have been exploited and oppressed; violently affected by the effects of the devastating capitalist system. We are under another attack by the bourgeois and Capital.

The government, under the orders of employers and international treaties, is systematically destroying all of our social achievements.

The latest representation of these attacks can be seen through the “loi travail” (work law). Our leaders intend to impose this policy on everyone by leaning on their usual political and trade union accomplices.

The State displays their repressive police and military apparatus by wounding and mutilating people with their dangerous weapons, which have been experimented with beforehand in popular neighbourhoods in order to create new forms of military repression. Therefore, the state of emergency is currently increasing, along with the possibility of incarceration and prison sentences that are being imposed en masse towards the population.

Similarly the CPA (Statement Activity Staff) will enable the computer transposition of the nefarious «livret ouvrier» [booklet imposed by the French authorities during 1803 and 1890 to control workers], built on the basis of individualism and profit as opposed to collective human rights. This enforces our prediction that these policies will create widespread inequality of all our human rights.

Faced with these aggressions, our resistance is necessary and legitimate. Now that this feeling is reborn we must continue to build and reinforce it through general strikes and confrontations against the State and capital, solidarity and strike funds, occupation of workplaces, reappropriation of public spaces and by blocking the means of production, flow of goods and workers.

On the eve of possible general strikes across many sectors we express our complete and total solidarity, particularly in sectors like public transport, for their participation in the action and development of strikes for the expropriation and management of society.

Our fight is part of a social resistance on a European and international front towards the regressions that the capital imposes on us. Our unity of libertarian aspiration wants to achieve through these general strikes the abolition of salaries, employers, the State and its borders. We need a social libertarian revolution.

Written by the Congress of the Fédération anarchiste, 14- 16 may 2016, published in Italian anarchist newspaper Umanità Nova

Translated by Pietro Casati



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